Seafood & Prepared Items

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Halibut - Local     $23/lb                                                                                                     


Petrale Sole         $20/lb                                                                                              


Lingcod Fillet       $20/lb


Snapper (Whole) $13/lb


Tuna                      $20/lb

     Albacore, Tombo, Ahi, Big Eye, and Blue Fin






Uni (Sea Urchin)   $12 for 3 oz                                    


Ikura                      $12 for 4 oz                                                         


Calamari               $12/lb                                             


Mussels                 $8/lb


Oysters (Various)  $1.25-$2.50  per piece  



Sushi Grade Items


Salmon AKA SAKE           $20/lb,                                                        Tuna AKA MAGURO    $32/lb,     $8 for 4 oz


Scallops AKA HOTATE      $36/lb,    $9 for 4 oz                                 Prawn AKA EBI         $32/lb,    $8 for 4 oz


Eel AKA UGAGI                  $28/lb     $7 for 4 oz                                Hamachi AKA HAMACHI    $28/lb,    $7 for 4 oz                     



Rock Fish (Whole)     $7.50/lb                                   


Bay Shrimp 100/120 count    $20/lb                             


Blackcod             $22/lb


Sea Bass Filet     $22/lb



     $Market price/lb - Please text for current price





Tobiko (Iceland Flying Fish Eggs - Wild)    $5 for 4oz    


Octopus Legs     $30/lb


Lobster Tails (One Tail)     $21 for 5 - 6 oz


Clams                  $10/lb


Dungeness Crab (Seasonal Starting November 17th)

     $Market price/lb - Please text for current price






Prepared Items

Salmon Burgers     $8 for 7oz                                                             Crab Cakes   $10 for 7 oz


Soups    $10 for 16 oz                                                                           Chowder $10 for 12 oz

                                                                                                                       Manhattan & New England

Cioppino (no potatoes)    $12 for 16 oz

     Gluten free version available


Sushi (Omakase Style - Chef's Choice)    $12 - $25 for 8 - 12 pieces


Sashimi Plate $15 - $30 per tray  (Amount of pieces depends on budget set by you)


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